Press Release from Our Water-Our Choice 3-21-2016

Press Release from Our Water-Our Choice 3-21-2016

Press Release from Our Water-Our Choice 3-21-2016

Our Water-Our Choice! simplifies the process for the Ethics Panel to review facts, collect evidence and make its recommendation to the Council by asking Peter Perron to withdraw as legal representative for its ethics complaint against Deputy Mayor Kidd and Councilman Gase. Less attorney involvement will enhance the Panel’s ability to do its work. Members of the Ad Hoc Committee on Alternative Fluoridation are encouraged to work together and respect others’ points of view to accomplish an equitable resolution and lessen emotional tension.

Our Water-Our Choice! continues to pursue signatures for the Petition to Change Form of Government.

Contact Person: Eloise Kailin, 360-683-6644, (Chair, Our Water-Our Choice!)

Jessica Grable, Coordinator, Our Water-Our Choice! Petition to Change Form of Government
1117 South Peabody Street
Port Angeles WA 98362

Released to: Peninsula Daily News, Sequim Gazette, Forks Forum, Port O Call, KONP Radio, Seattle PI, Seattle Times, KING TV, KOMO TV, KIRO TV

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