Others Fight Fluoridation, Too!

Others Fight Fluoridation, Too!

In addition to Cities That Rejected Fluoridation and Countries That Do Not Fluoridate Water much has already been done to enlighten and inform.

But richly-funded concerns re-enforce spin that has been built on steadily since the end of WWII. These issues are timeless as well as boundless and people of all kinds are questioning the assumptions that have become the very fabric of society. Here are a few cases not mentioned elsewhere:

October 30, 2008—Dr. Bill Osmunson, a Bellevue dentist, filed a complaint with the Washington Board of Pharmacyto get fluoride declared a legend drug, i.e. one that requires a prescription. He supported his complaint with 4 appendices: 

In personal communication, he summarized his complaint as follows:

The laws, to me, are very clear. The Washington Board of Pharmacy (BOP) is to designate substances as poison if 3,889 mg (60 grains) RCW 69.38.010 or less causes violent illness or death. 15 mg of fluoride is considered lethal for some children and 5 mg/Kg lethal for adults. Arsenic, cyanide, strychnine, mercury  and lead are all very similar in toxicity. The BOP needs to determine whether 15 is less than 3,889. A no-brainer, fluoride is defined by Washington law as a poison. 

RCW 69.38.010 does provide for exceptions such as for drugs to treat people. However, drugs must be dispensed by a licensed doctor and a doctor would lose their license if medicating patients not of record or without consent. 

However, the FDA has not approved fluoride substances for ingestion as legend drugs. Fluoridation substances are unapproved drugs and according to the BOP June 2008 news letter unapproved drugs are illegal. Therefore, fluoridation substances are not exempt as drugs and are actually poisons. Dumping poisons into community water has serious prison time RCW 69.40.030 and those putting poisons into our water systems need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.    

Even an approved drug cannot be used for a purpose it has not been approved for. In the court case Doe v Rumsfield (anthrax), the court said even in time of war the government cannot force people to take drugs for which the drug has not been approved. And certainly the courts would not approve any medication without a doctor's supervision. There is no doctor supervising the dispensing and administrating of fluoride in community water.

Some would suggest that fluoride is not a drug but rather a nutrient. Again Washington Code is very clear, if the substance is given with the intent to treat, cure, mitigate or prevent diseases then the substance is a drug. Fluoride for ingestion is not sold over-the-counter, but requires a prescription. Nutrients do not require prescriptions.  

Bill Osmunson DDS, MP

In a short video, Dr. Bill Osmunson (as part of a new series of "Professional Perspectives" on Fluoride) explains why he is now concerned about fluoride and water fluoridation.

Letter to the Editor SEATTLE PI.COM (2009)

Fluoridation in city's supply is too much. We are writing regarding your Thursday article, "Drink tap water, not bottled water, city urges." We share Seattle's concern about the overwhelming number of plastic bottles we use and discard. On the other hand, Seattle tap water is fluoridated.

  • The American Dental Association advises against giving fluoridated tap water to infants during their first year.
  • Mothers are told to mix powdered formula with store-bought fluoride free water, presumably in plastic bottles.
  • New scientific studies, including one by the National Research Council, make it clear that all of us, not just babies, are consuming too much fluoride.
  • Thousands of scientists have signed statements demanding that water fluoridation end, as has happened in Europe.
  • The Nobel and Pasteur Institutes have rejected fluoridation.
  • Fluoride is not an essential dietary nutrient.
  • Fluoride protects teeth against decay only when it is added topically. Adding it to drinking water only makes bone and teeth more brittle and more prone to fractures and pitting and does nothing to reduce decay. Incidence of decay is the same or lower in areas where water is not fluoridated. Fluorosis is gradual and cumulative.
  • Around 50 percent of fluoride taken in is retained in bones and teeth and in certain organs such as the pineal gland, resulting in a drop in melatonin production and early onset of puberty.
  • Fluorine is the most electronegative element, and it binds strongly with most other elements, including the calcium in bones and nerves and including trace elements needed for enzymatic activity to proceed.

Seattle water is fluoridated to a level of around 1 ppm (parts per million). The EPA maximum contaminant level is 4 ppm. Are we then safe? No, because fluoride is in everything made with tap water -- bread, beer, rice, cola, reconstituted juice, cereal, etc.

Pending determination of a new safe maximum, Washington cities, counties and water districts should cease water fluoridation or face the possibility of a class action lawsuit for civil damages.

Links to documentation backing up all these assertions can be found at FluorideClassAction.WordPress.com.

James Robert Deal

Bill Osmunson DDS

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