Mission, Goal and Purpose

Mission, Goal and Purpose


Clallam County Citizens for Safe Drinking Water and Protect the Peninsula’s Future are dedicated to restoring drinking water quality in Port Angeles, freeing it from the hundreds of toxic compounds which accompany the current fluoridation additive.

Water for drinking, bathing and cooking must be safe for lifetime consumption by everyone.

Most at risk are infants and young children, the elderly, post-menopausal women, athletes or those with diabetes who drink large amounts of water, people with medical conditions such as even mild kidney or thyroid failure, and acid/base imbalance as carbon dioxide accumulates consequent to heart or lung failure,

“Safe” must take into account that drinking water diluted to one part per million fluoride is retained in calcified tissue like teeth, bones and the pineal gland where concentration commonly reaches thousands of parts per million, increasing hip fractures for post-menopausal females, interfering with immune functions, and increasing bone cancers in young males. Numerous studies now support a relationship of fluoridation with lowering of I.Q. in children.


We aim to restore the principle that a person has a constitutional right to control their medication. In 1954 by a 5 to 4 vote the State Supreme Court ruled that any medication, including fluoride, could be added to Chehalis' drinking water if the city council deemed it in the community's best interest. We quote and share the view of the dissenting four justices:

“ ...the municipal authorities, instead of the individual citizen, arrogate to themselves the sole right to decide what medicine is good for the health of the water consumers and thereby the municipal water system becomes a direct conduit for the transportation of medicine from the apothecary's pestle to the patient without the latter's consent. Thus will the people be deprived of a very important part of their constitutional liberty under our republican form of government, and the police state will be substituted for the police power of the state “.


The purpose of this site is to:

1. Keep the public informed about what Clallam County Citizens for Safe Drinking Water is doing to stop fluoridation.
2. Present research findings concerning the lack of safety and effectiveness of fluoridation.
3. Keep people abreast of what other communities are doing in the fight against fluoridation.
4. Present news related to the fight against fluoride.
5. Present legal issues and lawsuits.

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