Kidd gives false testimony under oath

Kidd gives false testimony under oath

Kidd gives false testimony under oath

Kidd lied under oath, perjury is a felony, Bloor, your phone is ringing

April 3, 2016

by Dale Wilson

Kidd gives false testimony under oath before ethics committee

Bloor or Nichols must act quickly to restore city’s credibility

Little chance she’ll step down on her own

Cherie Kidd disgraced herself and the city of Port Angeles.  Not just in the February 2nd, 2016 city council meeting where she became a one person wrecking ball to all the normal and accepted functions of city council but also later when she lied under oath to the city‘s ethics committee investigating her behavior of February 2, 2016.

Before the meeting started February 2nd, she ordered signs posted to let people know signs would no longer be allowed in the council chambers.  Bear in mind, she had not yet been “anointed” mayor by the time she was setting policy unilaterally.  Also, she was giving orders to city staff and no council members are allowed to do that.

Once the new signs were up, printed on city letterhead, she attempted to enforce a new rule that had not yet been voted upon by anyone, never contemplated by anyone--except her and possibly Mayor Pat Downie.  Kidd then, satisfied with her “fait accompli”  approached two citizens seated on the front row with home made signs facing the council dais.  She told them about her new rule against signs in the council chambers.  The citizens recognized her power grab for what it was and told Kidd to “go sit down.”

Kidd turned on her heel , raced up the ramp to find someone to enforce her new unilateral ordinance prohibiting signs in the council chambers.  No one would take the order so she came back and sat down behind the dais fuming.

Now, in her mind, she was justified in treating the crowd like school-children and proceeded to do so.  First by opening the meeting with a lecture to the crowd about the importance of civility.

But let us backtrack a moment.  As soon as the city clerk called the roll and everyone responded “present” even Mayor Pat Downie, who was calling in his attendance on the phone, Downie asked Kidd to chair the night’s meeting.  

Normally there is some ritualistic passing of the gavel which is voted upon by the remaining council members.  They were never given a chance to decide who should chair the meeting since the mayor was present and could have chaired the meeting himself.  Instead Downie appointed Kidd to chair the meeting and despite calls for a vote on the passing of the gavel, Kidd took charge and began to belittle the crowd in attendance.

There is little doubt Kidd intended to provoke a reaction from the crowd with her bullying each speaker at the first Public Comment session of the night.  Everyone who signed up to speak came to the podium attempting to address city council.  Every speaker except one was interrupted by Kidd long before their 3 minute time limit was up.  Some were admonished with “summarize your remarks” at the two minute mark, some at the two and a half minute mark and so on.  Only one speaker went un-harassed by Kidd that night.

Kidd seemed disappointed that no one at the first comment period would take the bait and say something unkind so she could swoop down on them and justify her already held belief that the crowd would become unruly.

Now, fast forward to the second public comment session near the end of the agenda.  A gentleman was recognized by Kidd.  He began to speak by comparing four council members with the four horsemen of the apocalypse, a Bible Story from the book of Revelations.
Kidd came unglued and began pounding her gavel as if she was driving nails into oak.  Council members on either side of her began to move away from her and cover their ears.  

Finally Kidd stood up and told the crowd they must be civil or she would end the meeting.  The meeting had been quite civil up until that point as is shown by multiple videos of the meeting.

The cat-calls began as she stood behind the dais antagonizing the crowd and threatening to adjourn the meeting if they didn’t act civil.  She was the most uncivil person in the room.  The spontaneous responses from the crowd were pretty funny and in no way threatening.  She made an ass of herself and everyone was acknowledging it.  Finally she split the scene with councilman Dan Gase in tow.  All the other council members remained in the chamber as did the entire senior city staff.  All listened respectfully as the remaining members of the public delivered their comments to council.

As a result of this childish behavior a city resident, Marolee Smith filed an ethics complaint against Kidd for her behavior that night and for disrespecting the community with her antics.

Kidd later said she had not read the complaint but knew there was nothing to it and she would be vindicated. 

Didn’t turn out that way. 

When Kidd came before the ethics committee investigating her behavior of February 2nd she lied under oath.  The ethics committee saw through her lies and found her guilty of at least one violation of the ethics ordinance.  
While giving testimony to the ethics committee, under oath, Kidd said she abruptly adjourned the meeting before completing the agenda because she felt the climate she created in the council chambers was “unsafe” and she was justified in shutting down a city council meeting on her own say-so.

She told the ethics committee that one of her fellow council members, Lee Whetham stood up and began waving his hands, palms upward “inciting the crowd into a crescendo.”  A late breaking video surfaced which showed this to be untrue.  Whetham remained in his seat with his head down, obviously embarrassed by the behavior of the acting mayor.

Despite her lies and in spite of her pretending to cry during her testimony, despite her placing her palms across her chest (hugging herself) and telling the ethics committee how much she loved Port Angeles and how much she loved being a council member and how hard she works for the city, despite her horse-turd tears the committee found her guilty of unethical behavior.

Now it is time for the city attorney to prosecute Kidd for perjury.  All her lies were uttered under oath and were proven by video evidence to be false.
There is no way this behavior and this perjury can be swept under the rug and go on with business as usual.  If this behavior and lying under oath is acceptable then we have no representation at city hall and city government is a farce.

Note to city attorney Bill Bloor.  In the same way you prefer charges for other felons you must institute charges against Kidd for perjury.  Yes, perjury is a felony and must be dealt with like any other felony.  Giving testimony under oath is the bedrock of our civic foundation.  Anyone allowed to commit perjury under oath is unfit for public office.  Kidd must be removed from city council if this city is to move forward and meet its challenges.

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