Fluorosilicic Acid (Hydrofluorisilicic Acid) The silent killer in drinking water

Water is essential for your survival because your organs and cells need it to function properly. According to scientists, the human body is made of about 70 percent water. Because your body is made of mostly water, the quality of the water you put in your body can significantly harm or improve your health.

Most of the drinking water in the United States (US) and many Western countries contain very toxic chemicals. Manufacturers of these chemicals claimed that the chemicals are needed to treat the water and are important for health. Their claims are misleading and are only aimed for profits.


This is a mainstream news story about a fluoride spill at a Rock Island, Illinois water treatment plant where the fluoride was actually EATING HOLES in the concrete. But no worries - the spill was cleaned up and the fluoride CONTINUES to be added to the water supply. GO BACK TO SLEEP - NOTHING TO SEE HERE !!


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