Fluoride now comes with Arsenic

Letter to the Editor Port O' Call, July 7, 2015
By: Dr. Eloise Kailin


Thanks to Public Disclosure laws it can now be revealed that arsenic is a significant contaminant of the fluorosilicic acid (FSA) currently put into the drinking water of Port Angeles. Shipments are approximately one per year and are accompanied by Certificates of Compliance . The certificate of Sept.14, 2011 lists arsenic in the liquid concentrate at 9.00 parts per million (ppm); the one of /Sept 6, 2012 lists arsenic at 18,00 ppm. Arsenic is not noted in the shipment for 2013, but on June 18, 2014 arsenic is reported at 14.13 ppm. 

Arsenic, a common element in our environment, is encountered in wood preservatives, pesticides, food and water. Old orchards in Washington retain residual soil contamination from spraying years before. Arsenic in medication for chickens transfers to their consumers, It also transfers to other animals by feed containing chicken by products. Chicken poop is mixed in cattle feed. All of us get some arsenic but the less the better because the wide ranging health effects of arsenic are typically “dose dependent”.

Arsenic affects many body functions at extremely high dilutions. Arsenic carries a (nonenforceable) Maximum Contamination Level Goal of ZERO , meaning there is no known safe level. For practical (cost) reasons the enforceable Maximum Contamination Level (MCL) for arsenic in water is 0.01 ppm (or 10 parts per billion).

It promotes cancer, most commonly of skin, urinary bladder, kidney, liver, lung and possibly prostate..It readily penetrates into the brain and has been linked to Parkinson's disease. It affects heart and blood vessels. It promotes diabetes. Samples of toenails or hair are used to test for arsenic. 

Here in Port Angeles no one noticed for years the arsenic on the FSA certificates. Consumers were left totally in the dark that a potentially dangerous change had occurred. They were denied all choice to take measures to protect their health. We rely on a pharmacist, a package insert, labels and FDA regulation for all other medications. Consumers are told what side effects to look out for and alerted to increased hazards. Not here, not with fluoride. A municipality is not designed or qualified to handle medication such as fluoride .

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