Fluoridation Resources

Fluoridation Resources

Those of you who are interested in learning more about the possible adverse effects of water fluoridation can log onto www.keepers-of-the-well.org

Comments on the ADA Statements About Water Fluoridation May 1, 2008 Keith Wollen

FAN Fluoride Action Network

Fluoride Free Fairbanks Alaska 
Don’t know how many of you were aware of the website I created, that led to Fairbanks removing fluoride from its water in 2011. 'Bob Montgomery" 

Second Look: A rational approach to controversial public policy issues

National Health Federation: An advocate for health freedom rights

Vikane: A rigorous analysis of fluoridation

UK Councils Against Fluoridation: Promoting local control and collaboration

 Open Letter on Fluoridation This letter is from a practicing dentist who initially was very much in favor of fluoridation.  However, after examination of the literature on the topic, she came to oppose fluoridation for many reasons that are cited in her letter.

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