Fluoridation of City Water Supply Graph

Fluoridation of City Water Supply Graph

Pro's and Con's

Dr Eloise W Kailin, MD, a physician; Board Certified in Allergy and Immunology with more than 60 years in clinical practice, including clinical research, editing abstracts for a national allergy journal, teaching at a medical school, advocating for recognition and for the environmental needs of my chemically sensitive patients (eg clean air and water).  Moved to Sequim from “the other Washington” in 1971.

Fluoridation of drinking water is not safe for everyone, nor, despite all the hype, is it proven effective to prevent dental decay. Fluoride is not an essential nutrient; claims to the contrary remain unproven. It is extremely difficult to construct a diet without this very common element. Even “organic” plants, most notably tea and curley kale pick it up from the soil. In fact our community is overdosed with fluoride from pesticides on or in foods, beverages, medications, toothpaste and other dental products. read more here:

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