Ethics Complaints filled against Port Angeles City Council Members

Ethics Complaints filled against Port Angeles City Council Members

Ethics Complaints filled against Port Angeles City Council Members

Ethics Complaint (1) Addendum 3-9-2016 against Cherie Kidd 

This is an 11 page complaint: Read More below




Ethics Complaint (2) Our Water-Our Choice against Dan Gase and Cherie Kidd

City of Port Angeles
Record # 001030
S 19 20M
TO: The City of Port Angeles, c/o City Clerk
FILED BY: Our Water- Our Choice! a non-profit corporation, by its representative witness
DATE: February 19, 2016
RE: Violations of City of Port Angeles Code of Ethical Conduct

Read Complaint below:
OWOC Complaint 2-19-16 Dan Gase Cheri Kidd(GS4).pdf


Ethics Complaint (3) Mayor Downie receives a Ethics Complaint 3-1-2016 

Marolee_Smith-Complaint_(3)_filed_on_03012016 Mayor Downie.pdf

The part of the City of Port Angeles Code of Ethical Conduct, (2.78.050) that this complaint deals with is in the section marked J. The relevant sections are:

…Public officials shall not engage in conduct or activities that reflect discredit on the public officials, tend to bring the city into disrepute, or impair its efficient and effective operation.

Public officials shall conduct themselves toward the public in a civil and professional manner that will foster public respect and cooperation.

Public officials shall not use language or engage in acts that demean, harass, or intimidate another person.

  1. Mayor Downie subjected the citizens inappropriate, long-winded lectures, chided the citizens and actually “finger wagged” at them, as if he were scolding children.
  1. Admonished the citizens in the audience to NOT criticize individual council members, which was out-of-order. This is not in the spirit of the First Amendment, nor in Supreme Court decisions which have, repeatedly, upheld the right. A public official is not a private individual (hurt feelings carry no weight).
  1. To characterize the audience as: bullies; not courteous; threatening; intimidating; angry; disrespectful. This is name calling, and certainly NOT dealing with the public in the recommended practices by the MSRA, or in keeping with Council’s code of ethics which includes “conduct them selves toward the public in a civil and professional manner that will foster public respect and cooperation”.
  1. The Mayor’s scolding, chiding, lecturing, and threatening (“will cut off comment period if…”) and repeated insistence that people be “civil” was out of line. Calling citizens intimidating, rancorous, angry, bullies, and insinuating that they were “a waste of time”. The lecture, addressed to the audience (instead of limiting comments to the Council) was uncalled for, unprofessional, and an affront to the citizens of Port Angeles, by attacking their character or motives, with malice intent to be intimidating, or harassing.


The people were expressing, in concert, disappointment with the Councils actions, and frustration at their inability to be heard.


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