We offer a giggle , a quite irreverent squiggle

and hope our dear reader does the same.

We choose to laugh our foes to death, even if with our very last breath

And expect we might contribute to a casting of shame.

Council woman Kidd in approving continuance of fluoridation, over riding an advisory vote, claimed that votes not returned should be counted as votes favoring fluoridation because these people were so sure the practice was beneficial their vote was not needed.

We comment:

Port Angeles headed on a downward path

Aided and abetted by Cherie Kidd math.

Just add in the people who cast no vote at all--

You gotta score non voters as a positive call!

With this kind of thinking Oh, what fluoride four could do,

Adopt any pet program, costs up the kazoo.


Councilman Brad Collins commenting on his vote to continue fluoridation let slip a comment (He says unintentionally) that parents of children are unqualified to control their medication which should be left to experts.

Our comment:

Is the County Health Officer competent to prescribe

Medication in water all must imbibe?

Does he know the dose from the kitchen sink

That each of us daily takes to drink?

Can I expect follow up with a monthly call

To see if I should even be taking it at all?

Who knows what is better medication for my child and for me

Myself or city councilmen, with their medical appointee?

I am not incompetent, not insane or such.

Hands off my medication! Thank you very much.


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