Advisory Poll Results on Fluoridation

Advisory Poll Results on Fluoridation

Advisory Poll Results on Fluoridation

Press Release-Fluoridation Advisory Poll Results
On August 4, 2015, City Council adopted Resolution No.12-15, approving an advisory poll to seek citizen input regarding the fluoridation of the City’s municipal water supply. In addition, Council set two public meeting dates devoted to the topic of fluoridation. 

The first of those two public meetings was an educational forum held on October 22, 2015. 

“For” and “against” committees were given an opportunity for equal time to address the Council and public. During this meeting committees answered 6 pre-determined questions in a back-and-forth format. Council assigned Dr. Tom Locke as the chair of the “for” fluoridation committee and Dr. Eloise Kailin as chair of the “against” fluoridation committee. At the request of the City, the Clallam County League of Women Voters provided a moderator and timers to ensure neutrality of the proceedings. 

On October 29, 2015, Council held an extended, 3-hour public comment period devoted to citizen input. This session was also moderated and timed by the League of Women Voters. 
The City Council chose to poll the City’s water utility customers and the County PUD customers who receive fluoridated water from the City. An advisory poll was sent to each water utility customer living in the City and the PUD incorporated areas. Databar, the printing company that process the City’s utility bills, was used to print the advisory polls. Citizens not included in the advisory polling, but who had an opinion on the matter, were encouraged to email or write to Councilmembers.

9,762 polls were mailed out on Friday, November 6. The City arranged for the postage to be paid through a postage paid account in hopes that it would encourage those eligible to participate. Both the PUD and the City made boxes available for those who preferred to drop off their polls. The advisory polls were collected until November 27..

Former County Auditor Patty Rosand was hired on a temporary basis to oversee the advisory poll count. Mrs. Rosand and a member of her counting staff picked up the poll box that was at City Hall as well as the polls that were at the Post Office and moved them to the Clallam County election room where they were prepped for counting. Committees from the “for” and “against” sides each had representatives participate as observers at the count held on December 7.

Results are as follows:

Total polls returned: 4,204 
Votes in favor of fluoridation: 1,735 
Votes opposed to fluoridation: 2,381
Votes of no opinion: 74
Invalid polls: 14

The City of Port Angeles is contractually obligated to continue fluoridation of the municipal water supply until May 18, 2016. After that date, fluoridation will continue unless the City Council takes action to discontinue the practice. 

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