Dr. Eloise Kailin - Fluoridation rebuttal

Are you Consuming Fluoride

A familiar script: Dr. Thomas Locke faithfully repeats the same script used and taught for over 6 decades by the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control. Attack and trivialize all opponents, never debate the issues, and never, but never, let the citizens vote on fluoridation.

Citizens of Port Angeles obtained signatures of over half their registered voters, to obtain right to produce initiatives, then wrote initiatives and obtained signatures qualifying them for the ballot., Instead of allowing a vote the City aided by Washington Dental Service Foundation (WDSF) challenged citizen right to vote. A 5 to 4 state Supreme Court vote upheld the City. Dr. Locke complained to the present City Council that lawsuits brought by anti-fluoridationists had cost WDSF over a million dollars to defend fluoridation. Some see this as undisclosed funding used to derail a democratic exercise of citizen rights.
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